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This photo gave me an awesome idea…..we can use picture frames to add character and detail to our furniture pieces. They could be nailed or glued onto drawer facings, cabinet panes or even cut into pieces and placed around any of the pieces edges. There are so many different styles, sizes, and colors to choose from and can easily be painted to match any variety of colors. Cant wait to give it a try on one of my projects.

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Do you or a family-member or friend have a wine-themed kitchen or bar that needs that extra something? This cork wine bottle wall hanging is for you! Each bottle measures approximately 12.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide (decorative leaves extend to about 5 inches wide), with a depth of approximately 1 inch. They are 100% handmade via an intricate process of cutting, drilling, wiring, pinning, and gluing a variety of recycled wine corks. Bottles are backed with a layer of cork and wired. Naturally lightweight, they are a breeze to get right up on the wall and enjoy! The bottle is adorned with a bunch of grapes made from the natural red color of sliced ends of red wine corks. Two leaves made from sheets of cork and two floral wire coils accent the grapes. When ordering, select top, right, or left placement for the grapes. Bottles with grapes at the right and left may or may not include a ribbon at the neck of the bottle. If you would like a ribbon, choose the option right with ribbon or left with ribbon. If you do not, choose right without ribbon or left without ribbon. (Currently silver ribbon is used on this item. If you would like a different color, please e-mail the shop owner for availability.) Lightweight and a great conversation piece, these bottle wall hangings display beautifully in groups of two or three in a kitchen or bar area. Perfect for wine lovers and wine-themed spaces

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