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I love this little DIY so much, and think it turned out pretty well. It is relatively easy to create, the most difficult part of this project is patience! Believe me, patience is important otherwise your tray will FALL APART the second you pick it up. You must, must, must leave it for at least a day (or two) to dry. The glue is strong, but not unless you let it cure for a few days. I had to redo the attachment process two times, so just be sure to let it dry once everything is perfectly attached, and do not attempt to lift the tray by the handles (they are decorative mostly). Another great thing is how few supplies you need to actually create this. You dont have to spend a lot of money upfront to make this DIY, I think I spent about 20-30 dollars total. If you have old drawer pulls that you can paint, or already have a strong glue or a tile, you can spend even less. So lets get to it!

Photo via: aballadofbright.com

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***THIS IS FOR A SET OF 2 Glass Hobnail Wall Decor…. Please allow 2 weeks for completion prior to shipping. ****Flowers are not included**** New Rustic Country Wall Decor made of Knotty Pine. 2 Beautiful large Hobnail jars in your choice of turquoise or clear. Please select your color from the pull down menu. Boards can be painted in your choice of color. Please leave me your color choice at checkout… Each jar is hung from rusty wire and heavy jute. Boards pictured have been painte…

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