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Here’s my rendition of “How to Stain Furniture” I’m working on my most recent project that was inspired by Miss Mustard Seed’s French Dresser.  On this project, she stained the wood on top of the dresser and I loved the look! I tried staining before and was totally disheartened. I didn’t really know what I was doing and just went for it. Guess what happened?? TOTAL FAIL!! I didn’t sand enough and it all bubbled and looked awful! 🙁 Oh well, live and learn! I’ve been researching and watching videos and experimenting with the stain and I’ve got a good method going on! I am loving how this dresser is turning out so far. I am also toying with the idea of using Dark Wax on the detail and Clear waxing the whole thing. Here is my method for staining. I have used advice from many different sources, mostly  Minwax sites and some videos. Here’s how it breaks down: You will need: 80 grit sand paper 120 grit sand paper electric sander (optional but HIGHLY recommended) Disposable or rubber gloves Clean rag/hand towel that you don’t mind ruining bc it WILL be RUINED when you’re done with it 🙂 A …

Photo via: paintedfurnitureideas.com

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